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Why publish here?

Various keywords if entered into the popular search engines (Au pages) will direct potential readers back to this URL and your blog.   Already this site ranks very high for various keywords associated with engineering e.g. blogs engineers (Google.com.au).

As this site develops content it will begin to rank very high for a greater number of keywords.

The reason we offer free of charge hosting and email accounts to those meeting the network criteria is that we believe in time that the blogs of Engineers and others hosted here will represent a knowledge web as each network member contributes.

Essentially, we as an ENGINEER Au collective will grow resulting in a number of commercial and professional development opportunities presenting themselves. 

Please join this website and have fun blogging and informally interacting with other professionals and of course the public and your potential clients.

If you have a question about blogging here, then please do not hesitate to email self-publish@engineer.net.au

The space here is reserved for corporate sponsors of the Engineer Au Community:


Provider of specialised engineering services (oil & gas)

Men at Work Training Solutions

Load-shifting Licensing, and labour hire/recruitment service

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In addition to being a directory to engineering information, job search, and other resources we offer free of charge Wordpress blog hosting and personal email accounts to the ENGINEER Au community.

http://engineer.net.au/your-name | your-name@engineer.net.au

This offer is available to those of the Engineer Au Community including students, and those of associate classes of profession.

Recent blog additions:

Microelectronics Engineering by Jason Dunne
Occupational Therapy by Brody Christie
Environmental Management Systems by Scott Cowell
Atmospheric Monitoring by Lawrie Lyons
Technicial Writing & Proofreading by David Dini
Environmental Health by Willem Engelbrecht
Loadshifting Equipment by Brett Marsh
Occupational Hygiene by Environics

Blogs can either be personal or corporate provided the primary author meets the network criteria and it does not need to have a strictly professional tone, however we do not tolerate obscene or disrespectful material.

Blog sponsorship

Just as the cost of providing free-of-charge services to those meeting the network criteria are met by our site sponsor 'Environics', you as an author are entitled to seek sponsorship for your blog in return for displaying information on their behalf.

The more popular your blog the more likely you will receive a return.  At the very least your raising your profile as a professional in the market place as a result self-publishing.

Thank your reading this introduction, happy blogging, and may you have many rewarding networking experiences here.


Lawrie Lyons
Environmental Engineer
Site Administrator
Tel. 1300 429 243

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