Once you have followed the 'create' (link above) instructions and activated your blog from an email sent to you, the next email you receive will provide two options: Login | Visit Your Blog

I would login first up and take a look around the Wordpress 'DashBoard' which is basically the tool for writing posts and creating pages on your blog. It is not your blog its the site development work area that only you see and use.

If you want to see your blog after entering Dashboard than look to the top of the page and next to the name of your blog you will see the link 'Visit Site'. If you click on that link it opens you blog to whatever URL you have created i.e. http://Engineer.net.au/Your-Blog

Please note that www.Engineer.net.au/Your-Blog will also find your home page. 

One of the first things people want to do after making a few posts and perhaps creating a page or two is add images. You can upload images to your library or directly insert them into a post or page by clicking on the 'Add media' option that appears above the write edit box next to Visual | HTML view options. Haven't been there yet! The top menu item at the very top of Dashboard where it saids 'Write' will take you there.

Alternatively we have included an option to link your Wordpress blog to an existing Flickr photo account you may have at Yahoo. If you don't have one its worth considering an account there. To creatre a Flickr account at Yahoo to to http://www.flickr.com/

How do you link to my Flickr photo Gallery?

There is a plugin you can activate by simply being in Dashboard and clicking on the Plugins link on the top right hand side. Once you are there you can activate the various plugins we have provided. The one that saids something about Flickr is the plugin I am referring to to add images or rather to link to your Flickr account. You have the best of both world a flexible Wordpress Blog linked to a Flickr account.

Now what do I do?

Well lets say you want to add an image to your post or perhaps a page. While in Dashboard click on the link 'Write' which appears at the top but below 'Visit Site'. Select either Post or Page. What will appear is an edit window which you can do visual or in a HTML format.

If you don't know what HTML is just use Visual. When you come to a part in what ever your writing about where you want an image look below the edit box, below 'Categories' if posting or if writing a 'Page' directly below the edit area. You will see the words, akWpUploder: Alternative Wordpress Image Uploader Using Flickr.

From thereon its very straightforth. Enter your Flickr ID and a way you go with all the images you have at Yahoo ready for use within your post.